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I have specialized in the most unusual and, in my opinion, the most awe inspiring materials to be used in my creations. These knives feature polished sections of meteorites….the oldest materials to be found on earth.

Twilight - Priced at $1825

Each “Twilight” is meticulously handcrafted and features a hand forged meteorite damascus steel blade. The customized blade includes iron meteorite forged into the steel. Each handle, of anodized titanium, has both iron and stone meteorite inlayed into it, displaying the awesome Widmanstatten pattern found only in meteorites. The dark matrix of the stony meteorite is flecked with nickel-iron, like stars in the sky. Pallasites, the third class of meteorite, is the rarest of space gems and has been artfully inlayed into the spine of the folder. The blade and liners are fully fileworked.

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