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Nowhere else will you find cutlery adorned with all three classes of meteorite, making these creations absolutely unique. Each handcrafted knife includes meteoritic material estimated to be 4.5 Billion years old…..formed during the birth of our solar system. Meteorites are more rare than any other material on earth and in many cases the total known weight of a meteorite can be much less than a kilogram. A few meteorites contain “star dust,” ejected from super novas billions of years before our solar system formed. Some contain amino acids, the building blocks of life while others may even include evidence of life on Mars. This is truly an incomparable opportunity to own a fragment of space, crafted to please the eye and hand.

Currently, I am not taking custom orders, as I have many unique and unusual pieces in the works. My new creations will be available through this website and each will feature meteorites in some aspect of its form.

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