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I have invested in a variety of meteorites to be used as the raw material for my creations. The stony meteorites used in my handles come in a large variety of colors, patterns, rarity and collectability. Some meteorites contain the remains of supernova estimated to be in excess of 10 billion years old…more than twice the age of our own Solar System! Some contain amino acids, the building blocks of life. I even have available segments of meteorites that came from Mars, the moon and the asteroid Vesta.

The other exotic materials that I have used on my knives include: premium Wooly Mammoth ivory, premium ancient walrus ivory, Woolly Rhinocerous bone, Sabertooth Tiger bone, fossil Cave Bear canines, Dire wolf bone and canines, extinct stellar's seacow bone, fossil dinosaur bone, black coral, baculite (fossil ammonite), fossil whale bone, fossil palm wood, musk ox horn, pietersite (blue/gold/red), lapis lazuli stone (deep royal blue), azurite/malachite stone (blue and green), sodalite stone (blue with white veins), jade (various shades of green and black), snakewood, ironwood, ebony, rosewood, bog oak, bloodwood, burls, other exotic woods, antler, horn and stones.

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